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God’s temple is holy, & you are that temple. -1Cor 3:17
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Draw nalang sana yun! -,- Why!? Everyone is booing Manny after showing the reuslts! Goodluck for the bad comments & reactions Manny!

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Thank You.


Papa God, I wanna thank You for giving me the things which I didn’t ask for and it made me really happy. I want You to know that I will do my best as Your faithful daughter. Thank You for everything. Please continue to guide me and my family to what is good and right. I love You, forever and always :”>


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Yung feeling na lagi nagrereply si Kylie Padilla sa mga tweets mo


OMG. Grabe. SUPER. as in. Parang ka-chat ko lang si ate Kylie eh. 

Lagi siyang nagrereply sa akin. My gosh.

Favorite ko kasi siya sa Tween Hearts.  Si Kylie at Derrick ang favorite ko. RickLie Fan Ako eh! Super! 100% percent RickLie Lover ata ako. hahaha Masaya lang kasi lagi niya akong napapansin. :)

Si kuya Derrick naman, 2x nang ni-RT ang tweet ko :) hahaha I feel so luckkyyyy. :) choss. hahah 

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